What is Coconut Monk Cold Brew Tea?

A cold brew yerba mate taken to the next level.

This insanely delicious cold brew tea recipe combines our Chocolate Hustle adaptogenic tea with healthy fats and mild sweetness (without the sugar), delivering the perfect cold brew tea to keep you fueled and get you cooled all summer long.

No sugar added, packed full of adaptogenic herbs, antioxidants and polyphenols, and of course healthy fats which increase your body's ability to absorb all the healthy compounds even further. Simple, healthy, natural brain fuel. 

It starts simply with cold brew yerba mate using our adaptogenic tea blend, Chocolate Hustle. To do this, just let your tea bag steep in water overnight 6 - 8 hours in the fridge. 

Note: As an alternative to cold brewed tea you could brew hot and pour over ice. We won't hold it against you, but your hipster tea snob friend might drop some snarky comments. No promises.

What you'll need:

  • Chocolate Hustle Tea (cold brewed)
  • Ice, Ice, Baby (Yo, VIP, Let's kick it)
  • Monk Fruit Powder (natural sweetener)
  • Coconut Milk Creamer 


How to make it:

  1. Grab your favorite glass or mason jar and fill with ice.
  2. Pour 12 ounces of Chocolate Hustle cold brew tea over ice.
  3. Add 1 packet of monk fruit all natural sweetener (about 0.8 grams).
  4. Next add 2 ounces of your favorite coconut milk creamer.
  5. Stir, sip, hustle.


Come get your hustle on! Chocolate Hustle adaptogenic tea tastes great hot too! 


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May 19, 2017 — Joe Scola
Tags: recipes tea