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20% OFF sitewide through Monday at midnight + FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on orders $65+
20% OFF sitewide through Monday at midnight + FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on orders $65+


Fresh holiday bundles featuring the NEW limited edition Gingerbread Fortress Tea, Ape Party mug, beanies, and more!


Give the gift of wellness and wisdom...

Brand new holiday bundles packed full of organic goodness and the ultimate ape swag.

Three LIMITED EDITION Wise Ape Bundles are waiting for you, each with our BRAND NEW Gingerbread Fortress gut-healthy tea, the Ape Party dishwasher safe mug, raw honey sticks, and more!

supercharge your body. Reduce stress. Sleep better.

Wise Ape's consciously crafted tea blends merge traditional tea leaves with ancient adaptogenic herbs to deliver a unique experience of function and flavor in every sip.

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What is Adaptogenic Tea?

Adaptogens are natural super-herbs which can help your body naturally regulate physiological stressors, resist fatigue, and improve mood.

Wise Ape combines these adaptogenic herbs with high-quality ingredients to create naturally enhanced tea blends.

These unique formulations are designed to help reduce stress, support focus, improve sleep quality, fight inflammation, increase antioxidant support and more.

Steeped in Altruism

Each tea officially partnered with a different nonprofit organization to donate 10% and support an impactful cause.

Biodegradable Tea Bags

All natural pyramid style tea bags without the use of plastics, glues, or other funky chemicals. Made from a plant-based starch, sealed with ultrasound, and fully biodegradable.

Organic Whole Leaf Ingredients

Premium ingredients sourced from nature, without harmful pesticides or chemicals.

Tribe Love

HUSTLE BACK IN MY MORNING. Love this! Transitioning from coffee to tea and this gave me the AM kick I needed!

Sharon A. on Chocolate Hustle

My local float facility recommended that I try this and it was nothing short of incredible. I’ve never had a better tea. Not too fruity, and the flavor is perfect.

Roxanne N. on Blueberry Time Machine

LOVELY LEMON! I absolutely adore this tea! It has such a lovely, smooth flavor with a delightful lemon flavor, and hints of lavender undertones... My picky daughter even loves it!

Sheena T. on Lemon Vibration

Not only does this taste incredible, but it honestly took away some of my back pain. Anti-inflammatory turmeric is a great addition to the blend... this is the best tasting tea I’ve had. No morning is complete without a little Wise Ape!

Mark G. on Coconut Warrior

WOW, TRULY LIFE CHANGING! I've tried many, many sleep aids over the years. Orange Dreamsicle is the only one that consistently helps me fall and stay asleep without any side effects the next day. It's a very nice tasting tea, too. Very highly recommended!

Matt on Orange Dreamsicle


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