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Organic Ingredients
Non-GMO + No Sugar
Plastic-Free Tea Bags

Not Your Grandma's Tea Company

Wise Ape harnesses ancient wisdom with a modern approach. Synergistic tea blends designed to help you feel like a super human.

Organic ingredients, powerful herbal combinations, next level flavor.

This is the evolution of tea.

Chocolate Mint Yerba mate tea with adaptogens

Ignite Your Brain With Adaptogens

★★★★★ "Love this! Transitioning from coffee to tea and this gave me the AM kick I needed."

Sleepytime tea with skullcap herb, valerian root, and chamomile for sleep

Wise Ape vs. OTHER TEA

Other Tea
🦍 High-Quality Adaptogen Blends
🦍 Organic, Non-GMO, Pesticide Free
🦍 No Added Sugars, Keto Friendly
🦍 3 Grams Whole Leaf Ingredients
🦍 No Microplastics, Biodegradable Tea Bags

Find out why thousands of people are switching to Wise Ape.


"It’s unlike any other tea I’ve had and I’m a coffee drinker. This is the perfect substitute in the afternoon for my morning cup of Joe. Thank you, Wise Ape!"


"Wise Ape are the best teas I have ever had! You feel amazing and they are very tasty in flavor."


"I was originally intrigued because of the ingredients and its health benefits, and now I’m hooked because of the taste! Great tea!"

The Wise Ape Difference

We've sourced the finest ingredients nature offers and expertly blended them to enhance your energy, soothe your stress, and invite restful sleep.


    Wellness in every sip, crafted with the highest quality adaptogens, nervines, and tea leaves.


    3 grams of whole leaf ingredients in each serving, double the industry standard. More flavor, more function, more steeps.


    Premium ingredients sourced fresh from nature, without the use of pesticides and GMOs.


    Made from plant-based starch, without the use of harmful bleaches, glues, and microplastics.

Chamomile & Citrus, supercharged with sleep enhancing adaptogens

The Ultimate Sleepy Time Tea

★★★★★ "Works like melatonin without the grogginess in the morning. Tastes absolutely amazing."



In 2014 my father was unexpectedly diagnosed with GBM brain cancer. I moved back home to become his caretaker, navigate the complexities of the medical system, and help him fight. I began researching herbs and adaptogens (and anything else I could find) to help his quality of life along with my own stress.

We shared some beautiful moments together filled with laughter and tears. That time spent together became the catalyst for Wise Ape. Fourteen short months later the disease ultimately took his body, but his spirit now lives on fueling the Wise Ape ethos.

Our mission is to spread wisdom, wellness, and altruism across the universe. We strive to create the most incredible wellness-inspired tea blends on the planet.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

- Joe Scola, Founder & Chief Ape


Adaptogens are a powerful class of herbs which have proven benefits to naturally balance your body's stress pathways.

WISE APE synergistically pairs potent adaptogens, flavorful herbals, and premium tea leaves to create tea super-blends designed to elevate your daily wellness.

From the people
The coconut turmeric has less caffeine and I’m hooked on the interesting flavor. Less coffee in my future!
— Melony W. on Coconut Warrior
Orange Dreamsicle is amazing, works like melatonin without the grogginess in the morning. Tastes absolutely amazing.
— Rex G. on Orange Dreamsicle
This tea is great, calming, relaxing and tastes awesome. Decaf everything these days for me... but now I have a new go to drink. Thank You Wise Ape!
— David R. on Lemon Vibration
Company and product is amazing... We are obsessed.
— Nichole H. on Blueberry Time Machine
I am loving this tea! The tea is a necessity and very helpful while training for a new job. Tastes great and really helps me focus.
— Heather J. on Chocolate Hustle
This tea helps with my arthritis and inflammation in my overused bad knees and BONUS: it’s delicious!!
— Jen R. on Coconut Warrior
Love this! Transitioning from coffee to tea and this gave me the AM kick I needed.
— Sharon A. on Chocolate Hustle


We believe in giving back as we grow. Each tea has been officially partnered with a unique nonprofit organization to donate 10% of profits and support impactful movements around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! If you’ve wondered how to make iced tea from tea bags, it’s easy! All of our teas make for incredible healthy iced teas, with the added benefits of adaptogens. Some of the team’s personal favorites on ice are Blueberry Time Machine iced green tea, Lemon Vibration lemon iced tea, and Coconut Warrior coconut turmeric iced tea.

Yes! We do offer some caffeine free tea options. Both Lemon Vibration and Orange Dreamsicle are perfect as caffeine free tea options.

Our tea blends contain no added sugars so they work perfectly as a keto tea option for your healthy lifestyle.

All of our adaptogenic teas are perfect for intermittent fasting because they contain negligible calories (less than 1), so you’d be getting all of the wellness benefits of your tea without breaking your fasting window.

No! Although many other brands use nylon and plastic derived tea bags, our pyramid tea bags utilize a plant-based material derived from non-GMO starch, without the use of plastics, glues, bleaches, and other harmful chemicals.

Yes, we use sustainable biodegradable tea bags, derived from non-GMO plant-based ingredients, which will break down organically over time.

Although we are not "gluten free" certified, none of our individual ingredients contain gluten and we've even had customers with celiac enjoy our products without any issue.

We don’t pack nuts in our facility and have an allergen program for teas containing barley and coconut in our tea blends. Any tea blend containing allergens doesn't run on the same line as our other blends.

Wise Ape uses NO added sugar in any of our tea blends, simply a combination of organic tea, herbs and spices so the calories are completely negligible (less than 1). Basically a calorie free tea beverage!

The beauty of our tea blends is they’re comprised of a variety of herbs and tea leaves from around the world. Each blend is a true melting pot of spirit and culture. We’re able to source a diverse range of ingredients globally and we always aim to source the cleanest organic and wildcrafted ingredients.

We prefer to let our organic ingredients and herbs do most of the talking, so we don’t add much sweetener at all. We use 1% or less of organic stevia in each blend to add a bit of brightness, but you’ll hardly notice it’s even there. You can expect just a kiss of sweetness paired with a delicious combination of herbs, spices, and tea. This way, if you’d like to add your own sweetener of choice, you’re able to do so.

We do! Please check shipping information at checkout, which will automatically calculate your shipping costs.

We don’t currently offer samples or sampler packs.

We currently have a private, invite only affiliate program. Email us at for more information.

We are not currently offering any of our products on Amazon.

We prefer to let our organic ingredients and herbs do most of the talking, so we don’t add much flavoring at all, 5% or less in each of our tea blends.Our natural flavors are Organic Certified or Organic Compliant as well as Kosher Certified flavors, to be used strictly per USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards. Our natural flavors are derived either directly or indirectly from essential oils, essences, extractives and distillates of true spices, fruits, vegetables, herbs, barks, buds, roots leafs and similar plant materials. Our natural flavors DO NOT contain synthetic solvents, artificial preservatives, synthetic emulsifiers, artificial processing aids, soy or MSG (monosodium glutamate) components, agricultural sewage sludge derivates, ionizing radiation or derived from a GMO or GE (genetically modified organism or genetically engineered) source.