The Magical Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a unique source of nutrients, offering tastes, textures and aromas found nowhere else in nature. These fantastic fungi are an excellent go to food for those paleo followers among us.

The following list of mushrooms range from ones used for solely medicinal purposes to those sought out by chefs and foodies around the world.   


Meaty and flavorful, Shiitake mushrooms contain a substance called eritadenine, which helps to lower cholesterol. They also contain a substance known as lentinan that can heal chromosomes damaged by anti-cancer treatments. These chromosome healing properties have been know to promote longevity in Japan, where the mushroom is widely consumed.


With its woody and bitter taste, this mushroom is used for strictly medicinal purposes. For thousands of years people have used it to treat chronic diseases, harnessing its ability to fight inflammation, heart disease, cancer, mood disorders, hormonal imbalances and more.


Also known as “hen of the woods,” these tasty mushrooms are packed with vitamins and are believed to sweep the body of abnormal cancer causing cells. They may also reduce hypertension and the risk of heart disease.

Cremini/White Button

You most likely pass by these little guys in the grocery store all the time and have never realized the health benefits they offer. They’re packed with healthy nutrients that include potassium, phosphorous, protein and zinc. You’ll also benefit from the selenium in the mushroom that aids in weight loss.


Known as “invigorants” in Chinese folk medicine these mushrooms act as a mild stimulant that have the added benefit of being a natural cancer remedy. You can find whole, dried Cordyceps in health food stores, but it’s more convenient to get extracts in liquid or capsule form.


Packed with anti-inflammatory properties, Oyster mushrooms are great for reducing joint pain, strengthening blood vessel walls, and lowering the risk of heart attack or stroke. The iron they contain is useful for preventing iron deficiency in those who don’t eat a lot of meat. 

Mushroom Meal Prep

Okay. Now you know what mushrooms to look for. You pick up some meaty shiitakes and you plop them on your countertop. Well, now what do you do with them? Preparing mushrooms is a lot less intimidating of a chore than you think. Check out the link below for five simple yet delicious ways to prepare your shrooms.


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