Healthy Thanksgiving Hacks

We know, we know. Thanksgiving has come around once again and we’re all gearing up to eat like savages. That said, there are ways to stick to a baseline of healthy consumption, while still enjoying the holiday to its fullest. Here we give you some healthy tips that promise to only slightly impede on your day of feasting.



Eat a filling breakfast – Don’t just have coffee for breakfast. Fuel up for the day and level your appetite before the feast. We recommend a couple eggs with a dab of salsa on top and side of turkey bacon. You’ll feel full longer and might even feel less of a need to pick at the food as it’s being prepared.


Food For Thought

Substitute butter with coconut oilAre you prepping a dish for the big meal? Butter is used quite liberally in Thanksgiving dishes. Where applicable replace it with coconut oil - we promise it won't affect your Instagram #foodporn game. Your dish will still look just as sexy, with a couple added health benefits. Learn more about the benefits of coconut oil and how it measures up to MCT oil.



Limit the booze and hydrate – Alcohol has tons of calories. Water has none and keeps you feeling full. Sip water throughout the meal. Obvious, but easily forgotten with a delicious smorgasbord and bottles of booze in front of you.

We know you’ll probably ignore that last suggestion. If you must imbibe some alcohol drink red wine. It’s lighter on the calories and possesses health benefits, such as protecting against heart disease.  


Feeding Frenzy

More white meat, less dark meat - Dark meat and the turkey skin have more calories and saturated fat than white meat does. And of course this is a moot point if all your turkey meat is swimming in gravy. In theory we would suggest go easy on the skin and light on the gravy... but, we're not monsters. 

Make or request at least one semi-healthy vegetable dish – It’s always good to have a side to fill up on that isn’t covered in a cream sauce or soaked in butter. Plus, this could serve as inspiration for you to directly contribute to the meal. After-all, Thanksgiving is a team sport. Maybe this is your year to showcase those side dish skills. Steamed carrots, green beans, or baked brussel sprouts are a few of our favorite picks. Get creative with your seasoning options and prep to impress. 


Turkey in Motion

Sign Up for a 5K Turkey Trot - Offset the massive amount of calories that you’ll be taking in later in the day with a Thanksgiving day trot in the morning. There are hundreds if not thousands of these 5K’s across country. To make it easy, use this Turkey Trot resource to find the closest one to you.

Consider also doing some post meal meandering. Before throwing yourself into the closest Lazy-Boy recliner, burn off a bit of that excess gravy (and stuffing) with a slow walk around the block with some of your fellow Thanksgiving savages.


More Than A Meal

With all these tips in mind, the most important tip of all is to BE THANKFUL. Enjoy the time you’ll be spending with your friends and family this holiday season. Express your gratitude, smile often, and laugh loud.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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November 23, 2016 — Chris Blatt