5 Essential Superfoods For Health and Fuel

We all want to look, feel, and perform at the highest level possible. Whether in the gym or in the boardroom, it is important to fire on all cylinders. In order to do that, eating high quality foods, especially what are known as superfoods, is essential to the process. Today we are going to cover 5 superfoods that will provide you with the fuel that your engine craves.


What Exactly Are Superfoods?

All food contains nutrients that our body uses for survival. Both the quality and density of nutrients in food varies wildly. In order to differentiate the highest quality and most nutrient packed foods, specifically for those interested in their health benefits, a new category has emerged. This category is a group of foods known as superfoods. Beyond basic survival, these specific foods are very nutrient dense and widely beneficial to those of us who are interested in maximizing daily performance.


Our Top 5 Essential Superfoods

#1 Eggs

Eggs top our list of essential superfoods are several reasons. First off, they’re not expensive. One of the biggest dilemmas for those seeking to eat healthily is the sheer cost difference between eating healthy and unhealthy foods. Let’s face it, ramen is cheap. There’s a reason that so many college students live off of it. However, cheap does not have to mean unhealthy when it comes to eggs. Eggs are packed with protein, vitamins A, D, & B, in addition to containing an adequate amount of fats that will keep us more full and satisfied further into the day.

In the past, eggs were thought to be a bad food because they contain cholesterol. In recent years, this has been shown to not be a problem. Recent scientific studies have demonstrated, there is no link between the amount of cholesterol that is eaten and how much is in the bloodstream, the latter being the important part to consider. So go ahead and have an egg (or five)!

#2 Almonds

Almonds are a must buy in any house. Rather than sitting down with a bag of chips for a snack (which is both unhealthy and unsatisfying), grab a handful of almonds instead. They are stuffed with fat and protein, as well as contain dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin E, and magnesium. Pro-tip: buy them unsalted and un-roasted and do it yourself. Freshly roasted almonds are absolutely delicious and nutritious.

#3 Fish & Lean Meats

We all need a primary source of protein. One of the most popular is fish. There are a lot of varieties of fish, but we suggest cod. It is super high in protein, contains omega-3 fatty acids, as well as a high amount of vitamins D, B, and Magnesium. There’s a reason that former WWE Superstar and current Hollywood megastar, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, eats more than 800 pounds of cod per year.

#4 Green Tea

Aside from being just plain enjoyable to drink a mug of green tea, it has be discussed and attributed to a wide variety of health benefits. Harvard Medical School explains that due to the high concentration of antioxidants that it contains, green tea is thought to fight against heart disease, cancers, and even high cholesterol levels. This makes green tea a must-have pantry item.

#5 Avocado

Our list would be remiss if we did not include avocado, a virtual wonder-fruit. Avocados are high in necessary fat, a great source of fiber, and contain nearly 20 different vitamins. The only drawback is when you lose the “avocado lottery” and get one with a big pit (luckily, that is a rare occurrence). Have a simple dinner of a lean cut of protein and a raw avocado to go with it. Delicious, satisfying, and a very fit meal.


Superfood Final Thought

The proof is in the (lack of) pudding. What you put in is what you get out. If you want daily performance at high level, it is vital to eat the right foods. So next time your scribbling out that grocery list, be sure to hit the market with a mission. Grab yourself these 5 nutrient dense foods, and chow down on your essential superfoods for health and to fuel your daily performance.


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December 13, 2016 — The Wise Ape