The Wise Ape Team believes in giving back to the world and inspiring others to do the same. That’s why each one of our functional tea blends has been officially partnered with a different nonprofit organization to donate 10% of profits and raise awareness for an impactful cause. 


Our Lemon Vibration tea gets to play a fun role within our nonprofit partner program, serving as the People’s Choice for our quarterly donations. Suggestions are accepted each quarter on a rolling basis for non-profit organizations that you, our Wise Ape Tribe, would like to see donations made to, and each quarter a different organization receives the gift of 10% of the Lemon Vibration profits! 

This quarter we have 4 non-profit organizations from your suggestions up for the vote to receive the next distribution of profit donations. We’ve outlined the highlights about why each organization is incredible below. We love them all and can’t wait to see who gets the goods. 


Read About The Nonprofits Below.

Trenton Area Soup Kitchen

What’s their Mission: TASK feeds those who are hungry in the Trenton, New Jersey area and offers programs to encourage self-sufficiency and improve the quality of life of its patrons.

Their Programming Highlights - TASK maintains an open door, no-questions-asked policy. All who come to TASK are served. Feeding the hungry in the Trenton, New Jersey area is the highest priority for TASK.


The Trevor Project

What’s their mission: The mission of The Trevor Project is to end suicide among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning young people. 

Their Programming Highlights - The Trevor Project was founded more than two decades ago to respond to a public health crisis impacting LGBTQ youth — a crisis whose magnitude is huge, and one that they worked tirelessly to end. The Trevor Project has become the leading global organization responding to the crisis of LGBTQ youth suicide.

The Trevor Project has grown from a 24/7 phone Lifeline reaching several thousand youth per year, to a preeminent resource for LGBTQ youth in crisis — one that remains the primary resource for over half of the youth who reach out to them. While continuing to grow the impact of their Lifeline substantially, The Trevor Project has also launched on-demand digital services for youth to reach out 24/7 over text and online. In addition, they created TrevorSpace, the largest safe space social network for LGBTQ youth to connect — not just in the United States, but in over 100 countries across the globe.


Sunshine Kids Foundation Logo - People's Choice Nomination

Sunshine Kids Foundation

What’s their mission: The Sunshine Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to children with cancer. Established in 1982, TSK is committed to providing positive group activities and emotional support for young cancer patients. The Sunshine Kids provides a variety of programs and events, free of charge, for Kids who are receiving cancer treatments in hospitals across North America.

Their Programming Highlights - Since 1982, the Foundation has provided a variety of local, regional and national events involving thousands of young cancer patients from hospitals across North America. All activities, transportation, lodging and food are provided free of charge to the children and attending medical staff. 

The Sunshine Kids Foundation adds quality of life to children with cancer by providing them with exciting, positive group activities, so they may once again do what kids are meant to do . . . have fun and celebrate life!


 Jane Goodall Institute Logo - People's Choice


Jane Goodall Institute

What’s their mission: The Jane Goodall Institute promotes understanding and protection of great apes and their habitat and builds on the legacy of Dr. Jane Goodall, our founder, to inspire individual action by young people of all ages to help animals, other people and to protect the world we all share.

Their Programming Highlights - TGI uses the latest scientific discoveries and technologies to solve some of the world’s toughest conservation challenges. This knowledge and these tools enable TGI to monitor habitat health, human impacts, and map distribution of chimpanzees and other great apes to inform conservation actions and management decisions.

At Tchimpounga Sanctuary in the Republic of Congo and in areas across Tanzania, Uganda, DRC and Congo, JGI works to protect chimpanzees and other great apes against disease transmission, illegal hunting and poaching, and human-wildlife conflict.