Just because the weather has warmed up doesn’t mean we have to give up hot chocolate until the cold season comes back around! This delicious cozy-time favorite beverage isn’t just for frosty months!

Which brings us to today’s recipe! This iced hot chocolate recipe is a healthy tea twist on “frozen hot chocolate”. Our Pau D' Arco hot chocolate is iced, rich, chocolatey, and ridiculously healthy.

Made with just a few simple ingredients, Pau D' Arco iced hot chocolate is the perfect decadent chocolatey way to cool down during the warmer months and comes with some incredible health benefits including candida fighting capabilities from the Pau D' Arco tea.

This iced hot chocolate recipe is great for people who are struggling with candida infections because it contains the powerful anti-fungal tea Pau D' Arco. Plus, the particular tea blend we use (our very own Coconut Warrior) is a revitalizing blend of Assam black tea, coconut, and turmeric, combined with wildcrafted Pau D' Arco bark; designed to mitigate inflammation and defend your body from the inside out. Oh, and it adds some wonderful flavor from the spices complemented perfectly by light coconut-vanilla undertones, followed by a kiss of subtle sweetness from Pau D' Arco bark.

We also use coconut milk in this recipe, which contains the MCT called caprylic acid. Caprylic acid has many antibacterial and antifungal properties. This is why it has also been used as a natural treatment for infections such as candidiasis.

This Pau D' Arco iced hot chocolate recipe is truly a powerful morning chocolate elixir. Rich with good fats, antioxidants, and adaptogenic and immune-boosting herbs, this healthy iced hot chocolate brings a deeply wonderful flavor to hot chocolate and is an amazing immunity booster and infection and bacteria fighter.

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Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Tea Blend Pau D'Arco


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