Let the nostalgia of sweet dessert floats float into your summer this year! For many of us, ice cream floats evoke memories of sunshine and carefree summer days. There's something truly magical about the timeless combination of fizzy soda and creamy ice cream coming together in a symphony of flavors.

Indulge in the taste of summer with a healthier twist with our delightful Strawberry Creme Tea Ice Cream Float! 🍨🍓

This recipe replaces the traditional sugar-laden and calorific soda and ice cream with delicious and healthier alternatives. Say goodbye to traditional soda and embrace the clean and delicious alternative Olipop’s Strawberry Vanilla Soda, adding a burst of low-sugar fruity goodness to the float. And to keep things guilt-free, we've opted for Halo Top’s White Chocolate Raspberry ice cream, a low-carb and health-conscious choice that doesn't compromise on flavor or satisfaction, ensuring a creamy and indulgent base.

For an incredible health boost and tea-licious spin on a creamy float, we add tea to our strawberry ice cream float - not just any tea, but our very own adaptogenic tea blend Lemon Vibration. This tea blend adds a soothing flavor to the strawberry float, infusing delicate hints of lavender, lemon peel, and rosemary to tantalize your senses and elevate your taste buds. Lemon Vibration is also rich with adaptogens, harmonizing to realign your vibration and re-center your psych.

Yep, this Strawberry Creme Tea Ice Cream Float not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also infuses adaptogenic goodness into your indulgence, making it the perfect summer treat to relax and recharge your senses.

The first sip of a float brings an instant sense of joy, as the fruit sweetness tickles our taste buds, the adaptogens calm our senses, and the velvety ice cream melts in our mouths. It's a treat that appeals to the young and the young at heart, creating a shared experience that bridges generations.

In a world that's constantly changing, this healthy twist on a classic strawberry float remains as a sweet reminder of the simple pleasures in life. Cheers to the magic of floats and the cherished memories they create!

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Lemon Mood Wise Tea Blend Adaptogenic


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