Autumn is here in full swing, which means it's time for cozy sweaters and our favorite Fall foods such as caramel apples, turkey, and of course, the beloved iconic PSL - aka pumpkin spice latte. This season's signature blend of espresso, milk, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove flavors, is spiced, creamy, cozy, and sweet. Basically, everything we love about this season is in a cup.

However, this drink is also EVERYWHERE for two straight months (sometimes three) and after around a decade of pumpkin spice mania, many of us are left feeling fatigued by a sugar-laden drink that doesn’t even contain real amounts of pumpkin.

Don’t get me wrong here - we love ourselves a hot cup of pumpkin pie spice latte every now and then, but Starbucks introduced the pumpkin spice latte to the public in 2003.

I feel like most of us are all now at the point where we're looking for new cozy seasonal flavors or maybe even something healthier to drink every day before our attention shifts towards the plethora of drinks and foods that the holiday season brings with it, like eggnog, hot buttered rum, gingerbread lattes, etc.

Even Starbucks has noticed the PSL burnout and is now promoting new autumnal drinks like the new Apple Crisp Macchiato.

So, if you want to avoid pumpkin spice burnout, explore new fall flavors, find healthier autumnal drinks, or were you actually never a fan of pumpkin spice lattes in the first place, then look no further, this rundown is here for you!

I'm gonna share with you the best (non-pumpkin spice latte) autumn tea drinks you that should be drinking this autumn. All of these still have a warming, sweet and spicy, or cozy herbal flavor, which is sure to brighten all those chilly mornings, slightly frosty work commutes, and early evenings that are to come.

4 Delicious Fall Tea Drinks You Need To Try This Season (That Aren't Pumpkin Spice)

This season we're gonna have fun exploring interesting tea-based drinks that are creative and break the autumn mold of cinnamon and nutmeg but are still even more delicious and will never bore you.

There are so many amazing autumnal flavored tea drinks that you've been missing out on. They range from spicy, roasty and caramel-ey, to perfectly help you embrace the spirit of the season and the approaching holidays.

Plus, by swapping the coffee for a tea base, you'll also be ditching those post latte coffee crashes. By focusing on some of the best pure autumnal ingredients, we're also going to be boosting our immunity because these pure fall flavors happen to be rich with antioxidants. Amazing, right?!

4 Autumn Tea Recipes to Try this Fall

1. Caramel Tea

Nothing makes for a sweeter fall flavor than caramel (candy apples anyone?). Caramel is such a comforting flavor - it’s smooth, warming, sweet-as-can-be, and absolutely delicious. And you can enjoy the wonders of caramel in a hot steaming cup of tea, without feeling guilty, with caramel tea. Yep, caramel tea is a thing... a beautiful thing.

Caramel tea is usually a blend of black, herbal, or rooibos herbs infused with natural caramel flavoring. It has all the sweet decadently rich and creamy flavor of caramel without all those calories.

In the case that you can't find caramel tea or you just want to use your favorite tea herbs that will pair well with the flavor of caramel, you could also make a caramel tea at home with ease.

For example, you can brew a cup of our cozy anti-inflammatory tea blend of revitalizing Assam black tea, coconut, pau d' arco bark, and turmeric, Coconut Warrior tea, or another black tea blend you like and combine it with caramel syrup and milk. For a fantastic creamy, smokey, and sweet autumn milk tea that is all kinds of cozy and yummy.

Plus, you don't even need to use a sugar-packed caramel syrup, there are many yummy sugar-free healthy caramel syrups you can use. Sweet Leaf Caramel Macchiato Liquid Monk Fruit and Caramel Sweet Drops, are great sugar-free pure caramel sweetener choices.

2. Turmeric Tea

Cozy up near the fireplace on a frosty fall weekend morning with a hot cup of turmeric tea.

Yes, I know turmeric tea seems very different from the autumn flavors we are all used to. But turmeric is an incredibly healthy spice with a smooth, earthy-sweet, peppery, and bitter flavor, which makes for a wonderfully rich warm drink that is perfect for this season. And it's also a beautifully vibrant golden color that'll match the gorgeous orange and yellow leaves that are welcoming the changing season.

Turmeric is also perfect for helping you survive the cold season, as it contains curcumin, a natural antiviral compound that can help eliminate certain viruses.

You can easily find prepackaged turmeric tea or you can make it at home, by simply letting the spice steep for a few minutes in hot water and then straining. Top it off with pepper and honey for some healthy sweetness.

Or even better, you can let us here at Wise Ape Tea do the work for you. We’ve perfected the ideal legendary elixir with turmeric, designed to mitigate inflammation and defend your body from the inside out.

Balanced flavors of Assam black tea, turmeric, and cinnamon are complemented by light coconut-vanilla undertones, followed by a kiss of subtle sweetness from pau d' arco bark. Trust me, our Coconut Warrior Tea makes for an oh-so-divine sip.

You can also step up your cozy autumn turmeric tea game and make golden milk. Golden milk, also known as "haldi doodh" or turmeric milk, is a health-promoting drink that involves combining milk, turmeric, cinnamon, and/or ginger, and some kind of sweetener or flavoring. The concoction has a fabulous bright yellow hue and is rich with flavor that'll leave you wanting more. 

The Wise Ape way to make an amazingly creamy and flavorful golden milk is to simply whisk together coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, maple syrup, peppercorns, 2 scoops of collagen, and 1 cup of Wise Ape Coconut Warrior tea, brewed hot. Bring it to a low boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about 10 minutes. Strain and voila, turmeric delight!

anti-inflammatory herbal tea turmeric

3. Chai

In recent years, chai has become a herbal tea favorite all year long, but nothing beats this herbal tea as a morning brew on a chilly day or a soothing drink by the campfire. Chai tea is honestly the perfect way to add to your autumn season.

Chai tea is a robustly flavored drink, that is sweet, creamy, spicy, complex, and soothing. Usually, the base of a chai is black tea, blended with classic masala spices and enhanced with vanilla and butternut extracts to produce creaminess and hints of sweetness.

Fun fact: “chai” means “tea" in Hindi. So, when you say “chai tea,” you’re saying “tea tea.” Pretty funny, huh?!

4. Apple Tea

Nothing screams autumn more than everyone's favorite firm, crisp, and very juicy fall fruit: apples. Apples have a distinct flavor that is a little sour and bitter, but mostly sweet.

Evocative of that lovely hot apple cider we all enjoy on hayrides or picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, cozy apple tea is strong, bold, very sweet, and fruity with an acidic touch.

While there are many ways you can make it, the concoction that is apple tea is usually made by boiling apple slices along with black tea leaves and can be spiced with ginger, nutmeg, or cloves and cinnamon - but that's optional. You can also make it sweeter by adding honey. Then all you need to do is strain the mix.

Another way to add even more flavor is to boil the apples along with cranberries and hibiscus. The addition of cranberries and hibiscus incorporates floral and sweet tartness.

Rather deliciously, you can further infuse the flavor of apple tea by also including some of our Lemon Vibration tea into the boiling water, if you want to add soothing lemon with a mellow lavender undertone.

Let's break free from the yearly pumpkin spice latte and enjoy these 4 amazingly yummy fall tea drinks!

The warm sweaters and chilly breezy days that autumn provides for us require a hot drink in hand. There is nothing more autumnal than being wrapped up in cozy blankets and a mug full of your favorite fall-flavored hot drink.

Pumpkin spiced hot drinks have reigned as America's favorite seasonal go-to for many years now, with the Pumpkin Spice Latte being Starbucks' most popular seasonal drink and worldwide sales of around 424 million. But it's now time to explore new and exciting autumnal flavored drinks. The list we've just been through will help you do just that!

4 Delicious Fall Tea Drinks You Need To Try This Season (That Aren't Pumpkin Spice)

These special fall flavored tea drinks will never bore you and are cozy and divinely delicious. There are so many drinks outside of pumpkin spice - from spicy, roasty, caramel-ey, to cozy sweetness, you're no longer gonna miss out on these yummy fall tea drinks.

Additionally, not only do these drinks help you embrace the spirit of the cozy season, but they are made with pure healthy ingredients, unlike Starbuck's pumpkin spice lattes. So, you'll be drinking yumminess and health-promoting richness this season.

If you want to discover some more fun and bold tea flavors? Here at Wise Ape Tea, we combine premium tea with adaptogenic herbs, crafted to create bright, flavorful organic wellness-driven tea combos. This is the evolution of tea.

What's your favorite way to enjoy the autumn season? Do you have a favorite fall flavor? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Autumn!! 

This informative article is written, by Sophia Mckenzie. Sophia is head content creator and writer, for several premium websites, where her expertise lie in health, nutrition, and wellness. Her content is heavily focused on providing and sharing doable solutions to help people truly thrive, and live their happiest, healthiest, fulfilled life.