The Secret Health Benefits of Bone Broth

The benefits of bone broth are widely recognized and have been since ancient times. Bone broth is a stock made by boiling bones and other flavorful ingredients until the bones crumble. Chicken stock is the most common bone broth soup. These kinds of broths are very simple concoctions, yet many claim they can work as almost magical elixirs. 

Why’s Bone Broth So Good For You?

Bone broth nutrition is the real deal - these broths are nutrient dense, flavorful, easily digestible and boost the immune system. When the bones and ligaments are boiled they release healing compounds such as collagen, glycine, glutamine and proline.

On top of that bone broth also contains several easily absorbed minerals including calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Because of the panoply of health enriching nutrients contained in bone broth, multiple benefits are to be had.

The Benefits

  1. Bone broth is one of the richest natural sources of collagen. This protein serves to protect the body's joints and maintain healthy skin as the body ages. Gelatin, also found in bone broth, helps to strengthen bones taking stress off the joints.
  2. Collagen and gelatin also form a powerful team for protecting the gut. Together they work to restore the gut lining, fight against food sensitivities and support the growth of probiotics.
  3. The gut restoring effects of bone broth along with all of its minerals work wonders for boosting the immune system and aiding in healthy inflammation response.
  4. Bone broth is recognized as a powerful natural detoxifier. The digestive benefits help the body expel waste more effectively and the potassium found in bone broth stimulates cell and liver detoxification.


Bone Broth Recipes You’ll Want to Try

Bone broths don’t have be the standard chicken soup with assorted veggies. Check out some of these bone broth recipes that range from a simple breakfast broth to a colorful Vietnamese noodle broth.


So, if you're looking for that new and interesting addition to your lifestyle to even further bolster your nutrition and immune function, start slurping bone broth.


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August 22, 2016 — The Wise Ape