Get Your Sleep On: Better Sleep for A Better You

The age of claiming bragging rights for being the most sleep deprived soul in the room has come to an end. Now everyone from Arianna Huffington to any lifestyle guru with a podcast agrees, a proper night’s sleep is essential. Let’s dig in and find exactly what actionable steps you can take to obtain those most necessary Z’s.

16 Tips For Maximum Snoozing

      1. Expose yourself to bright sunlight throughout the day.

      2. Avoid all blue light screens one to two hours prior to bed.

      3. Meditate 10+ minutes daily.

      4. Avoid alcohol before bed (or too much of any liquid).

      5. Keep your room cool (around 65° F).

      6. EXERCISE regularly.

      7. Lightly stretch the body before getting into bed.

      8. Take a warm shower.

      9. Dim the lights in your home during the evening hours.

      10. Have a light dinner.

      11. Read before going to sleep (ideally fiction).

      12. Wear socks to bed (helps to maintain comfortable body temperature).

      13. Write down any pressing thoughts from the day.

      14. Close your right nostril and breathe through your left (method derived from yoga).

      15. Do a progressive muscle relaxation (single out each section of the body and focus on removing all tension).

      16. Raw honey + hot tea (non caffeinated). Honey has been shown to be a great sleep aid by assisting your body in producing melatonin naturally as well as supplying the liver with the ideal amount of nighttime glycogen. 

OPTIONAL: Take a low dose of melatonin (0.5 mg). While ultimately we believe you should aim to optimize sleep naturally... when taken in small doses melatonin is relatively safe and can be effective. 

4 Sleep Inducing Accessories

White Noise Machine

A white noise machine is an absolute beast at cutting out both outdoor and indoor ambient sounds that jar light sleepers out of dreamland. Sound soothing apps are another option.

Sleep Mask

Absolute darkness is needed to maintain a deep sleep. No need for those blackout curtains if you have an uber comfy sleep mask to slip over your noggin and keep out nightly distractions.

Lavender Essential Oil

Just like date night a good night’s sleep is all about setting the mood. Dab a few drops of lavender oil on your wrist and temples to float float off into a magical slumber.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses

We're creatures attached to our technology, constantly checking our email and social sites, or binge watching Netflix into our brains until we can't hold our eyes open. If you can't shut it all down at nighttime... we understand, just throw on some blue-light shades that keep the blue light out and your natural melatonin production up.


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August 30, 2016 — Chris Blatt