While not as popular as some other natural remedies like cinnamon and turmeric, Pau D'Arco is often overlooked but comes with a multitude of perks that can elevate your wellness to incredible heights.

Pau D'Arco deserves more attention in the natural wellness industry; it is an incredible herbal supplement made from the inner bark of Tabebuia trees and has been used since the existence of ancient civilizations, such as the Incas, to treat a plethora of conditions with its powerful medicinal properties.

What Makes the Benefits of Pau D’ Arco So Powerful?

From the Incas to the Guarani, civilizations have revered Pau D’ Arco for centuries. The inner bark has a long-standing history of being used as a traditional treatment for several diseases and infections.

What makes the benefits of Pau D'Arco tea so remarkable can be attributed to the unique formulation of active compounds in this tea. Of the bioactive compounds found in Pau D'Arco, naphthoquinones, particularly lapachol, and beta-lapachone, have received the most attention for their incredibly potent antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory abilities.

Beta-lapachone has been shown to work against various cancers in cellular studies, such as human breast, prostate, and leukemia cancer cells.

Pau D'Arco also contains significant amounts of the antioxidant flavonoid quercetin, which is shown to possess protective abilities against tissue injury induced by various drug toxicities and rejuvenating immune-boosting effects.

A study comparing Pau D’Arco to a placebo found that the inner significantly blocked inflammation-related pains and inhibited inflammation by 30-50% when compared to a placebo. And it gets even better because Pau D’Arco’s antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory don’t just help prevent infections like the common cold but also help your body fight candida. Also known as candidiasis, candida is a common fungal infection caused by yeast that has been shown to contribute to many health problems.

Another cool thing about the benefits of Pau D’Arco’s is that research has shown that it may be able to halt the production and spread of a few different strains of bad gut bacteria, without harming healthy gut flora.

How To Enjoy the Benefits Of Pau D’ Arco

As we’ve just learned the benefits of Pau D’ Arco are overwhelmingly incredible and can’t be missed out on. Pau D’ Arco is a superfood that we should all be consuming on a semi-regular basis. If you want to boost your antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory protection via the nutrition of your food, then this Pau D’ Arco is exactly what you should be consuming.

How To Enjoy The Benefits Of Pau D’ Arco

Not only are there many benefits to using and consuming Pau D’ Arco but Pau D’ Arco can be delicious.

The flavor of the bark is floral and foresty with soft woody tannins and a natural sweetness with hints of vanilla and can add extra interest to many drinks or foods.

Before we talk about how we can incorporate Pau D’ Arco into a food or drink, let’s first decide if you’ll be consuming your Pau D’ Arco in a form that works for incorporating it into recipes. Here are the 3 best different ways you can get your dose of Pau D’ Arco benefits:

1. Pau D’ Arco Tea

    Personally, our favorite and the most common way to consume Taheebo aka Pau D’ Arco is when it's added to tea. Sipping on Pau D’ Arco tea is a traditional herbal experience for overall wellness. When choosing a tea, look for premium quality, sustainable sourcing, and non-GMO.

    Our favorite Pau D' Arco tea is actually our very own Wise Ape Coconut Warrior tea. Combined with Assam black tea, coconut, turmeric, and cinnamon, this tea provides superb antioxidant protection along with a healthy dose of microbial support. Our tea uses biodegradable pyramid tea bags, is plant-based, non-GMO, and plastic-free, and uses organic and wildcrafted whole-leaf ingredients.

    Pau D'Arco Tea Blend Anti-Inflammatory

    Take the first step on your path to wellness by trying our Coconut Warrior tea blend today, and unlock the secrets of this time-honored herbal infusion.

    2. Pau D' Arco Capsules

      If tea isn’t your thing or maybe you just prefer to source your nutrients from supplements, Pau D’ Arco comes in many capsule forms. When choosing a brand of Pau D’ Arco capsules be sure to opt for a sustainably sourced, artificial flavoring-free and artificial coloring-free choice. Our favorite Pau D’ Arco capsules are from Nature's Way. Their Pau D’ Arco capsules are premium, vegetarian, gluten-free, quality guaranteed, and non-GMO.

      3. Pau D' Arco Extract

        Another great way to get your does of Pau D’ Arco in supplement form is via extract. Pau D’ Arco extract is a concentrate of the active components naturally present in Pau D'arco. Maxx Herb has a great Pau D’ Arco tincture which is wild-harvested from the Lapacho tree and only uses the nutrient-rich inner bark of the tree (reddish purple color) which is much more potent and effective than the cheaper grayish outer bark that other brands use. It’s also manufactured and bottled in California USA, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

        What To Mix the Benefits of Pau D’ Arco Into

        Now we know the different ways we can get a dose of Pau D’ Arco, you might want to know how you can incorporate Pau D’ Arco into your food and drink diet outside of supplements and tea. So as promised we’re now going to show you how you incorporate Pau D’ Arco into food and drink recipes.

        Here are some of our favorite recommendations here at Wise Ape for adding Pau D’ Arco tea into your foods and drinks that are deliciousness guaranteed:

        • Flavorful Pau D’ Arco Tea Blend

           For many people who aren’t used to earthier palates, just straight Pau D’ Arco bark tea while palatable can be too woody. Opting for a Pau D’ Arco tea that’s blended with spices and herbs can make it much more pleasant to drink. Plus, the addition of spices and herbs can bring a plethora of their own medicinal properties as well and help you in avoiding consuming too high a dose of Pau D’ Arco.

          As we mentioned earlier, we actually have an incredibly yummy Pau D’ Arco tea blend Coconut Warrior. Balanced flavors of assam black tea, turmeric, and cinnamon are complemented by light coconut-vanilla undertones, followed by a kiss of subtle sweetness from pau d' arco bark. Enjoy the Pau D' Arco tea benefits by sipping some Coconut Warrior today and tap into your inner warrior!

          While our Pau D’ Arco tea blend Coconut Warrior is flavorful and delicious, there are some delectable ways you can incorporate this Pau D’ Arco tea blend into your diet. Let’s continue and take a look!

          • Hot Chocolate

            The flavor of Pau D’ Arco combines perfectly with cocoa, making a Pau D’ Arco hot chocolate a great way to combine the benefits of raw cocoa with the benefits of Pau D’ Arco. Cocoa powder is packed with flavonoids and as we know candida fighting Pau D’ Arco is also packed with antioxidants.

            Use Pau D’ Arco tea in a naturally sweetened hot chocolate recipe to create a rich and decadent elixir that works as an amazing immunity booster and infection and bacteria fighter.

            We have a sugar-free, healthy, anti-inflammatory, vegan, and keto Pau D' Arco iced hot chocolate recipe for you to try. Our iced Pau D' Arco hot chocolate is iced, rich, chocolatey, and ridiculously healthy. Packed with good fats, antioxidants, and adaptogenic and immune-boosting herbs, this healthy iced hot chocolate brings a deeply wonderful flavor to hot chocolate and is an amazing immunity booster and infection and bacteria fighter. Click here to check out our Pau D' Arco iced hot chocolate recipe.

            • Smoothies

              Tea smoothies are incredible and nutritionally well-rounded snacks. Toss some brewed Coconut Warrior Pau D’ Arco tea into a smoothie and enjoy a candida-fighting, infection-fighting, antioxidant, and nutrient-rich tea smoothie that’ll taste pretty dang good.

              To make a creamy and smooth Pau D’ Arco smoothie, use 1 cup of tea for every 3 cups of fruit, and thicken with yogurt or coconut cream. Make sure to chill your tea before adding it to a smoothie and keep it at a nice drinkable texture by using a 1:3 ratio. Our favorite fruit combos with Pau D’ Arco smoothies are ripened banana and peanut butter or pineapple and mango.

              • Fat Bombs

                Our last healthy and delicious way to consume Pau D’ Arco is in fat bombs. A fat bomb is typically a healthy high-fat and low-carbohydrate snack or dessert.

                Toss a couple tablespoons (depending on the recipe) of very strongly brewed Coconut Warrior Pau D’ Arco tea into your favorite fat bomb dessert or snack recipe to add the incredible candida-fighting, infection-fighting, and antioxidant-rich Pau D’ Arco benefits. You could also brew the tea herbs into a liquid like milk or coconut milk if you’re using that in your fat bomb recipe.

                Coconut Warrior Pau D’ Arco tea goes well with fat bomb recipes that are spiced or tropical like coconut and pineapple fat bombs.

                Enjoy The Benefits Of Pau D’ Arco

                All-in-all, confidently you can now see just how incredible the benefits of Pau D’ Arco are. From its amazing potent antimicrobial capabilities to its anti-inflammatory abilities, it’s time we all embrace the time-honored wisdom of Pau D’ Arco.

                By incorporating Pau D'Arco tea into our lives, we can benefit from its immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties. It’s time we all adopted this healthy superfood!

                Hopefully, you now have some great ideas or recipes to help you start using this incredibly healthy ingredient Pau D’ Arco in food and your daily diet.

                Here at Wise Ape Tea, we make bold and fun flavored, wellness-inspired, adaptogenic, herbal tea blends, including our Pau D’ Arco tea blend Coconut Warrior. Click here to learn all about our amazing flavorful teas with super amazing health benefits. Take a step forward on your path to wellness by trying Wise Ape Tea's Coconut Warrior today, and unlock the secrets of this time-honored herbal infusion.

                Before you go, let’s note the phrase “too much of a good thing,” because this also applies to Pau D’ Arco, be wary to not consume too high doses as that can cause toxic effects such as nausea and vomiting. And as always if you have any medical condition or are pregnant or breastfeeding women, also consult your doctor before trying anything new.

                Pau D'Arco Tea Blend Anti-Inflammatory

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