Pre-workout powders and drinks can be life-changing for everyone; from avid gym-goers to people who simply want to get the best results out of their once-a-week workout. Companies formulate pre-workouts to be able to help people receive the most benefit out of their exercise by improving the way a person’s body responds to workout routines.

These formulations are truly magical after a long day where we’ve been busy with work, family and friend obligations, and maybe even college classes.

Honestly, having a ready-to-drink pre-workout drink can sometimes be literally essential to get you ready and energized for a gym or workout session. Whether it’s going for a walk, lifting weights, or dragging ourselves to a spin cycle class after waking up earlier to fit a workout in before work or having just finished work and needing to squeeze a workout in before dinner, the idea of exercise can feel so exhausting that any form of physical activity feels like dragging out feet through mud.

The 6 Best Pre-Workout Teas to Get Better Fitness Results

You see, following an exercise routine isn’t easy, but luckily pre-workout is there to energize and fuel our workout.

Unfortunately, most pre-workout options aren’t just artificial and synthetic, but many may actually hinder long-term fitness and health results.

Many commercial workout drinks are loaded with excessively high amounts of sweeteners and caffeine. Plus, they may also contain harmful ingredients that can be addictive, and up your blood pressure and heart rate in a way that can cause a terrible crash, causing stomach pain, headaches, and even worse— diarrhea, dehydration, and insomnia.

You may already drink Red Bull or the latest sugar-loaded, chemically formulated, pre-workout powders to push yourself harder in the gym. But – spiking your caffeine and sugar intake might actually hinder your performance, both in the gym and after. Caffeine itself can actually be a great fat burner and energizer for your workouts, but how much is too much?

That’s a total shame, right? Does this mean that we’re destined to either wreck our long-term results with artificial pre workout drinks or miss out on an amazing energy boost to help us get through our workout and actually motivate us to regularly hit the gym?

Nope… don’t worry… you can use another option! Say hello to nature. Yes, the answer to our pre workout problems is simple: rely on nature. Turns out nature has a much healthier pre-workout option: tea. It’s time to start drinking tea before a workout.

The 6 Best Pre-Workout Teas to Get Better Fitness Results

We know what you’re thinking – but tea is a drink for relaxing and unwinding before sleep. Well, you’d be right, tea is incredible for sleep and relaxation. However, there is more to tea than relaxing to the sound of the kettle whistle. Tea is an incredibly multifaceted drink.

Tea is a clean and natural pre workout beverage choice, that might be the closest thing we have to a weight-loss elixir and increase exercise enhancement. Additionally, tea as a natural pre-workout is full of antioxidants, contains no calories, is super hydrating, and comes with balanced caffeine content. All of this helps make tea an incredible natural pre-workout solution that is in fact a natural alternative to many popular pre-workout drinks already consumed regularly by most gyms goers.

Do you want to learn more about how drinking tea before a workout gives your physical activity an incredible enhancement boost? Well, click here to read all about it, in our blog post on why tea is the best all-natural pre workout drink.

If you’re ready to start drinking tea as an all-natural pre workout, then let’s talk about the best teas you should be drinking for unbelievable natural exercise enhancement.

You will no longer need to fret or google things like ‘pre workout ingredients,’ ‘what’s the best pre workout drink’ or ‘what are the side effects of your pre workout drink.’ Tea is all-natural and if it’s pure tea, its only ingredients are herbs and maybe some spices.

Each one of you reading this will have a different need and want from drinking tea before a workout or some other kind of physical activity. For example, you may want to drink black tea if your focus is high endurance activities like weightlifting or kickboxing. Or if you plan to do a high-energy workout like HIIT cardio workout we’d recommend drinking ginger tea or milk tea.

There may be some trial and error when first trying out tea as a pre-workout, but we’ll help you get started by going through some great tea options and their specific benefits to help you get started.

Black Tea Pre Workout

Black tea is a great choice for fitness hooligans who love caffeine and strong flavor. Black teas are dark, rich, and can have many flavors from malty, smoky, to sweet.

Furthermore, black teas such as Assam black tea have high levels of caffeine that are balanced with the calming effect of a unique antioxidant amino acid that stimulates your brain and releases anti-stress effects. This means you’ll receive that energy we all crave when we need to push through a long workout, all without the jitters caused by coffee, creatine, and other supplements, so, you’ll enjoy optimum energy and performance.

If you want to try Assam black tea in a revitalizing blend packed with flavor, then we recommend you try out turmeric, coconut, Pau D'Arco, and black tea blend.

The 6 Best Pre-Workout Teas to Get Better Fitness Results

Our Coconut Warrior tea blend combines Assam black tea, coconut, and turmeric, with wildcrafted pau d' arco bark to heal your human temple. This legendary elixir is designed to mitigate inflammation and defend your body from the inside out, making you feel the spirit of an Aztec warrior during your workouts.

Green Tea Pre Workout

Green tea is one of the most natural powerful fitness and weight loss drinks you can drink. Rich with antioxidants that can help safeguard the immune system and reduce exercise-caused muscle damage, green tea has some incredible abilities.

Green tea has been shown to rev up your metabolism, regulate blood sugar, and increase fat loss:

Drinking tea can also fuel your workouts and act as an all-natural alternative to pre-workout, that’ll boost your hydration and prevent your muscles from tiring, as well as being tons healthier for your heart and nervous system.

Individuals who drink tea before their workouts have reported increased endurance, elevated mental focus, and had reduced aches and pains after exercise. To get the most out of your pre-workout tea, try drinking 1 - 2 cups 30 - 45 minutes before you hit the gym.” (1)

Take a deeper look at why tea makes an awesome pre-workout drink. Click here to read: Why Tea Is The Best All Natural Pre-Workout Drink.

Matcha Pre Workout

    If you're not familiar with what matcha is, it’s a tea powder made from finely powdered dried green tea leaves. While it's considered a whole food, you actually drink it like tea.

    Matcha has an irresistible pleasant savory umami taste. It’s slightly bitter with mellow grassy notes and natural sweet nuttiness.

    On average, a 7 oz cup of matcha has around 40-50 milligrams of caffeine, which is just enough caffeine for a noticeable energy boost but won't have your heart rate going crazy. This will give you a nice amount of alertness and endurance-boosting effects – you’ll feel remarkable alertness that is also calm.

    Another great thing about matcha is that like green tea, it also has incredible anti-inflammatory abilities that can help heal exercise-caused muscle damage faster.

    Milk Tea Pre Workout

      Milk tea is more like an after-workout drink because while there aren’t necessarily any health risks, milk takes a while to digest, which may cause some people a stomachache. So, it would be ideal to drink your milk tea after your exercise rather than before as pre-workout.

      Yeah, we know this is a pre-workout article, but milk tea as a pre-workout is on this list because of all the benefits this tea option can offer especially for long endurance activities. Milk tea can also help in boosting your metabolic system and rehydrating your body.

      Additionally, the milk in milk tea is good for muscle building by providing two types of protein: whey (20%) and casein (80%). Both are essential for bodybuilding and improving muscle growth.

      However, we will note that if your goal is weight loss, you should avoid regularly drinking milk tea, and instead opt for a lower calorie tea.

      Ginger Tea Pre Workout

        Ginger tea lacks a caffeine hit but will 100% make up for it with its many other workout benefits.

        This tea is rich with antioxidants helping in lowering inflammation, will prevent bloating, and works well as both a pre and post-workout drink. Ginger tea enhances alertness while maintaining clarity. This will help you stay motivated and ready to charge on during physical activity.

        Furthermore, ginger tea reduces muscle soreness caused by exercise, increases metabolism, and may lower cholesterol.

        Rooibos Tea Pre Workout

          Rooibos tea, also known as red tea and is rich in performance-boosting benefits as it contains copper, magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, and antioxidant components.

          The calcium in rooibos strengthens bones, which is great if your exercises are intense and involve a lot of bouncing on your joints or lifting. Furthermore, rooibos enhances oxygen delivery to muscles because how it can improve the body’s absorption of iron.

          Tea Is The Perfect Natural Pre Workout We All Need!

          Finally, be free of synthetic and artificial sugary, over-caffeinated pre-workout drink, by using the power of nature: TEA. Next time you’re ready to workout but are tired, in need of some quick energy, or just want to perform your best at the gym… try brewing up one of these 6 incredible teas, throw it in your water bottle with some ice and go crush your fitness goals.

          The 6 Best Pre-Workout Teas to Get Better Fitness Results

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          What is your favorite all-natural tea as pre workout?

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