Why Buy Organic Tea?

Organic tea is how it’s meant to be. 0% artificial fertilizers. 0% harmful pesticides, 0% herbicides and 0% insecticides. It simply relies on natural processes and the absorption of nutrients from the earth, organic matter and manure. While tea grown by organic farming takes longer to grow, organic farming methods develop a fuller-bodied improved flavor with an increased nutritional content. What’s more - the benefits of organic tea spans more than just an improved taste. By choosing to buy organic tea, we support the environment, protect tea farmers from working with harmful chemicals and benefit our health, too. Here, take a look at more reasons why we should always buy organic tea:

Non-Organic Tea Farming Destroys the Environment

One of the major consequences of using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to grow tea is that they can easily make their way into waterways; contaminating water, starving aquatic life of oxygen and killing everything in its path. More often than not – this pollutes drinking water and causes a wealth of health damaging problems to those drinking it.

And - The Solution?…Organic Tea

Using solely natural materials – organic tea farming doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. Non-organic farming methods however, can wreak havoc on the surrounding environments by destroying habitats, harming animals, and weakening the soils with toxic pollutants.

Safer Workplace for Tea Farmers

Just as non-organic farming negatively affects the environment, the heavy use of toxic chemicals may lead to health concerns for the tea farmers too. Being exposed to such high doses of fertilizers and pesticides can cause eye and skin irritation, burns to the skin, and respiratory disorders. In extreme cases repeat exposure can potentially cause hormone disruption, birth defects, damage to the nervous system, and the big C, cancer.


More Health Benefits for the Tea Drinker

Unknowingly, when we drink a cup of non-organic tea we have a risk of consuming the synthetic chemicals used during growing process – putting us at risk of potential health concerns. On the positive side, organic farming enhances the quality of the tea leaf. These organic teas provide you with powerful health benefits that might enhance your mental concentration, boost your immunity, increase physical performance, look after your heart, improve your oral health, lower blood pressure, and potentially reduce the risk of developing some cancers.


Bottom line. By spending an extra dollar; you get a higher quality, more nutritious and better tasting tea. Oh, not forgetting, you’ll be helping to save the world too.

So, what tea will you be buying next? Try our Chocolate Hustle  - cocoa mint yerba mate tea. Organic. Of course.


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June 01, 2016 — The Wise Ape
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