8 Mint Tea Benefits You Need to Know

Peppermint is a key ingredient in our mouth tingly, soon to launch, Chocolate Hustle blend. And - besides giving your tastebuds a mouth-gasm, you’ll be happy to know that we chose the ingredients for more beneficial reasons.

From increasing your focus, soothing heartburn to helping you get to sleep – mint is packed full of health benefits your body and brain will thank you for. Here, take a look:

Mint Tea Benefits

1. Mental Focus

Searching for a natural pre workout drink? Or ways to improve your concentration? Reach for a cup of mint tea! Studies by the International Journal of Neuroscience and University of Cincinnati found profound mental benefits. Compared to the reactions of participants who drank water, researchers found mint tea to boost alertness, increase performance and enhance your ability to solve problems.

2. Kung-Flu Fighter

Mint tea contains the magic ingredient; menthol. Menthol is used in many cough medicines, as menthol can soothe the throat and act as a powerful decongestant; helping the body break down mucus and relieving pressure in your sinuses. Next time you're heads heavy, eyes are drooping, and your throat is scratching... turn to a hot cuppa for those good ol' mint tea benefits.

3. Controls Your Hunger

If you’re trying to cut down on the amount you eat, mint tea is an awesome appetite suppressant. It doesn’t stop there – mint also speeds up your digestion and helps you burn more calories. This doesn't mean crush Crispy Creme's with a mint tea chaser. Mint tea benefits are pretty far reaching, but let's keep those cheat days somewhat realistic. 

4. Helps You Get Those Zzzz’s

Studies show that drinking mint tea before bed helps you slip into a deep sleep. An hour before you plan to sleep, brew yourself a cup of mint tea to wind yourself down and get ready to fight off your worst nightmare (or whatever you find yourself dreaming about... tonight it'll be Crispy Creme's - sorry). 

PS - here's some other awesome tips to get your sleep on.

5. Improves Your Memory

Another incredible mint tea benefit - brain boosting. One recent study revealed a major cognitive benefit. Not only does mint tea enhance your concentration, but studies have suggested that mint could increase your memory and retrieval during cognitive tasks which required a heightened focus. So now there's one way to get drunk and actually improve brain function. Time to get tea drunk.

6. Soothes an Upset Stomach

In addition to being a 1,000 year old remedy for settling an upset stomach, another mint benefit is that in tea it kicks ass at soothing heartburn and indigestion. If you normally pop a pill after eating something heavy, try brewing a cup of mint tea instead. It’ll tingle your taste buds with niceness, increase bile secretion and speed up digestion.

7. Eases Hayfever

Research has revealed mint to be a natural alternative to seasonal allergy medication. Mint contains rosmarinic acid, an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties which has shown to be very effective at relieving the symptoms of hay fever. 

8. Stressed? It’s Great For that Too

If you’re having a chaotic day, brew a cup of mint tea and take a ten minute time out to find your zen. Our spirit animal is a 3 eyed kettlebell swinging gorilla, what's yours? High in menthol, mint tea acts as a muscle relaxant which gets your brain back on form to power through your workload.

By the way, stress is a total productivity killer. If your stress bubble is popping quite frequently you'd be shocked at the transformative effects meditation could bring into your life. Find the best meditation style for you.

So there we have it - 8 super mint tea benefits for you to rave about at your next crossfit session, tea party, or drum circle. Don't eat the brown acid, we've been hearing it's bad.


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June 01, 2016 — The Wise Ape