It’s officially a NEW YEAR! Unfortunately, many of us are coming out of last year with a nasty unruly New Year's Eve hangover, post-holiday blues, post-Thanksgiving and Christmas overeating cravings and weight gain, terrible lethargy, and so many other post-holiday time symptoms.

Luckily, New Year motivation should have us covered.

When you think about whole fresh year of new potential, what is it that usually comes to mind? New beginnings and attempting to find our way back onto a healthier track and recover from a long-term Holiday season hangover.

Right now is time for us to use that farewell to the old and hello to the bright new year energy to push us into recovering from all the effects of the holiday season.

We need to help our body and mind bounce back from weeks of indulgences and kick start the new year with our health as priority. Cleaning up your diet and getting back to working out are the first and most effective steps to help you do just this.

Detoxifying Ginger And Lemon Tea Recipe

Our New Year's Detox Ginger Lemon Tea Recipe is an incredible anti-inflammatory wellness drink that’ll aid in immunity safeguarding, stimulate digestive cleansing, and fire up the metabolic system - all which kickstart weight loss and wellness.

Another great thing and this detoxing tea recipe is that you can sip on it cold during the hot summer or hot for those freezing February mornings. It’ll leave you feeling light, refreshed, and most importantly rejuvenated.

This delightful detox drink doesn’t require anything complex and can be made in minutes. Whether you want to go on a full-blown cleansing plan just want something detoxifying to sip on throughout the day, this detox tea is for you.

Yep, you don’t even need to be on a cleanse to enjoy the benefits of this recipe!

To make things even better, our ginger and lemon detox tea tastes GOOD unlike most detoxing teas and cleanses completely naturally. The lemon and ginger tea tastes like a sweet, spiced lemonade, and is purely delightful. It’s bold, zesty, bright, piquant, and warming.

The inclusion of Wise Ape Lemon Vibration tea adds more of that soothing lemon flavor but with a mellow lavender undertone. Plus, Lemon Vibration herbal tea blend is also an incredible health booster for resetting your body. This herb tea blend is literally designed to re-center, reset, realign, and is a wonderful tea for anxiety or a stress relief tea. The adaptogenic herbs and lavender also make this a fantastic tea for migraines or headaches.

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking… tea sounds like way more than just a cozy drink you usually just sip on when curling up during a chilly night.

People have been turning to tea for its healthful properties for many millennia and tea herbs have been cultivated for their medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Still to this very day, tea is the drink of many healers, royalty, yogis, and even some priests.

Tea is brimming with antioxidants and compounds that protect your body against free radical damage, flush toxins, and safeguard your immune system. This makes tea an excellent source of detoxing and cleansing properties.

With that said, our New Year's Detox Ginger Lemon Tea Recipe is formulated to be a great addition to your diet to help your body thrive, flush, and supplemental to your health and strength. Let’s whip up a cup of this cleansing lemon and ginger tea and get detoxifying! Happy New year!

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Detoxifying Ginger & Lemon Tea


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