This watermelon lemonade iced tea is the best way to quench your summer thirst!

Crisp, refreshing, keto-friendly, made with fresh watermelons, and without any added sugar, our watermelon lemonade iced tea recipe is super easy to make and hydrates you without huge sugar spikes - thirst-quenching and energy boosting.

Most lemonades are high in sugar and full of artificial colors and flavorings, but this lemonade is natural and again has no added sugar, so it isn’t going to be just another one of those bland lemonades that delivers nothing but sweetness. This watermelon lemonade iced tea recipe is sweet but flavorful. Sour fruitiness paired with sweetness combines to create refreshing deliciousness that is delightfully pink.

Besides the fact that this recipe is incredibly tasty, it also comes with a ton of beneficial nutrients from watermelons, lemons, and the adaptogenic tea blend we use in this recipe. Yep, I know we don’t normally associate health benefits with sweet lemonade, but this watermelon lemonade iced tea provides a wide range of nutrients.

Watermelon and lemon are both rich in vitamin C and are good sources of essential minerals like sodium, magnesium, and potassium. They also possess cleansing capabilities that help remove excess fluids from your body while replenishing and hydrating.

Our Wise Ape adaptogenic tea blend Lemon Vibration is the tea we use for the watermelon lemonade iced tea. This herbal blend of lemongrass, lemon balm, and St. John’s wort harmonize with delicate hints of lavender, lemon peel, and rosemary as they soothe your senses and brighten your mood. We designed this tea blend to have the ability to reduce anxiety and stress, improving your mood and re-center your mental health.

To make this watermelon lemonade beverage even more amazing, we serve it up in a hollowed-out watermelon. So, it not only tastes incredible but looks incredible and is done in a pinch. Perfect for serving at summer pool parties or simply ending a long hot day in luxury with a cold refreshing drink that screams yummy and looks oh-so-fun!

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Lemon Mood Wise Tea Blend Adaptogenic


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