As the temperature starts to heat up across the country, berry tea ice cubes are the perfect way to cool your drink off this season!

Our sweet berry tea ice cubes are a great way to spruce up a cold glass of water, iced tea, or even a mocktail. These ice cubes add subtle berry sweetness with a refreshing mild blueberry finish - without adding a ton of calories or any added sugar. You’ll kick any beverage up a notch with these awesome ice cubes.

Instead of diluting your drink like regular ice cubes, these easy-to-make berry tea ice cubes act as a garnish, releasing the flavor of tea and fruit as they melt. And they look super cool, adding a major wow factor every time you take a sip of your drink, making for an even better drinking experience.

Oh, and did we mention they’re super simple and quick to make? Plus, you don’t need any special equipment. Everyone from tea to bottled beverage drinkers alike is going to go crazy for these berrylicious tea ice cubes.

While we use whole berries in this recipe, you can honestly use any fruit that’s in season, sliced, or whole - as long as it fits in your ice cube tray, you’re good to go.

Our Wise Ape adaptogenic tea blend Blueberry Time Machine is the tea we use for the berry tea ice cubes. It’s a blend of pure darjeeling green tea, moringa leaf, and two-part bilberry, delivering an antioxidant infusion to your cellular defenses and rich with light refreshing herbal hints and a mild blueberry finish. This adds not only an invigorating burst of flavor to these tea ice cubes but also healthy vitality.

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February 19, 2023 — The Wise Ape