February is officially here! As we finally edge closer to the end of winter, February always sends our focus toward lighter fresher romantic flavors.

Today, we are sharing a recipe for a delightful pre-spring refreshing burst of flavor and decadence, perfect for Valentine’s Day. Our natural and healthy Blueberry Time Machine berry tea float is fizzy, creamy, and full of zesty sweet berry flavor.

It’s easy to make and uses only a few delicious ingredients. Oh! And did we mention those ingredients come with some fantastic pre-spring health benefits?

The Health Benefits

Firstly, our berry tea float uses the amazing herbal tea blend Blueberry Time Machine - a refreshing blend of pure darjeeling green tea, moringa leaf, and two-part bilberry. The delicate notes of high-altitude green tea merge with brilliant blueberry to teleport your taste buds into another dimension.

This blend of incredible tea and adaptogenic herbs not only tastes incredible but also delivers an antioxidant infusion to your cellular defenses: immunity boosting, cellular supporting, cardiovascular health promoting, skin healing, and anti-inflammatory. Designed to defend, refresh, and renew.

The berries themselves are also incredibly beneficial. They’re nutritionally dense and low in calories but high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. For this reason, berries offer a variety of nutrients that can boost your immunity, which is very important as the seasons shift from cold to cool, leaving you at a higher risk of falling ill.

Bursting with Sweet and Creamy Flavor

The healthy and tea-licious spin on a classic ice cream float with berries is a flavorful yet vital twist on the old-fashioned cream soda float.

The flavor of our blueberry tea blend, fresh berries, fizzing water, and maple combine fantastically to create a fizzy yet soothing, refreshing, and sweet drink that is topped off perfectly with a healthier choice of ice cream: Halo Top strawberry, which adds light decadence and creaminess.

A colorful, creamy, and refreshing, a batch of this berry tea float would make a sweet addition to any springtime, Valentine’s, or Galantine’s gathering. Or maybe just treat yourself to this fizzy creamy yumminess tonight… you deserve it!

[[ recipeID=recipe-8lk7682mf, title=Blueberry Time Machine Berry Tea Float Recipe (Natural, Healthier, Clean Eating) ]]

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January 27, 2023 — The Wise Ape