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Black Tea Infused Sugar Free Chocolate

Black Tea Infused Sugar Free Chocolate

Sugar-Free Chocolate Recipe, Infused with Adaptogenic Black Tea

What's better than chocolate? 

How about a nutrient dense chocolate you can actually feel good about eating, with the added benefit of anti inflammatory ingredients and adaptogenic herbs. Prepare yourself... we've got your sweet tooth and health goals covered in one delicious recipe.

By infusing your homemade sugar free chocolate with a high-quality organic tea and other natural herbs, you're able to increase the antioxidant value and anti inflammatory properties of this feel good treat.


Back Tea infused chocolate

For this recipe we're using Coconut Warrior anti-inflammatory tea - a blend of assam black tea, turmeric, pau d' arco bark, and other organic herbs.

Coconut Warrior anti inflammatory tea

Black Tea Chocolate 


2 bags of Coconut Warrior Tea (or black tea of your choice)

1 cup cocoa butter

1/2 cup cocoa powder

1/3 cup powdered monk fruit sweetener

1 teaspoon Himalayan pink salt

Optional nutrients to add:

1 tablespoon cordyceps mushroom powder


1 tablespoon turmeric


1 tablespoon ashwagandha powder


Place a small pot of water on medium-high heat and bring to a slight boil

Put a metal bowl over the top of the pot and add the cocoa butter

When the butter has melted down completely, turn the heat on low-medium and place your tea bags in to steep

Let steep for 25 minutes while keeping the heat on low

Remove tea bags – NOTE: Save the tea bags for later. The tea leaves will still be strong enough to make a cup of tea later and the bonus is it will add healthy fats from the cocoa butter to your cup. 

Add remaining ingredients to the bowl and whisk everything together until you have a smooth consistency

Once everything is mixed evenly, add chocolate to your favorite silicone mold or even a small bowl if you’re in a pinch for supplies… you can cut it into chunks later.

Pop in the refrigerator for 45 minutes or until chocolate solidifies

Enjoy your guilt free, anti-inflammatory chocolate!


Jordyn Stradley

This recipe was originally published by our friend Jordyn Stradley - nutritionist, author, and founder of Fuel Your Fight Nutrition.

Check out Fuel Your Fight Nutrition for health and wellness information and personalized coaching services from Jordyn! 

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