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  • Yerba Mate Keto Milkshake
    September 17, 2018 The Wise Ape

    Yerba Mate Keto Milkshake

    Chocolate Hustle Keto Milkshake This Chocolate Hustle keto milkshake will wake up your brain, turn on your tastebuds, and keep you crushing keto (if that's your jam). Roasted yerba mate lends you a caffeine boost and you'll get an additional...

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  • Black Tea Infused Sugar Free Chocolate
    August 23, 2018 The Wise Ape

    Black Tea Infused Sugar Free Chocolate

    Sugar-Free Chocolate Recipe, Infused with Adaptogenic Black Tea What's better than chocolate?  How about a nutrient dense chocolate you can actually feel good about eating, with the added benefit of anti inflammatory ingredients and adaptogenic herbs. Prepare yourself... we've got...

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